Saturday, August 17, 2013

Leccare Lollipops - Apples & Honey

I got a sample of Leccare Lollipops' Apples & Honey flavor in a monthly box I receive-Bonjour Jolie, if anyone's interested. Note: It's a box strongly geared towards women. That means that I can't tell you much about the actual shipping experience. However, based on their website, it looks like their lollipops are 3 for $4.50, with $5.50 for shipping (an additional $1.50 is added for additional items). That seems a little steep to me, but they do have some tempting flavors (Watermelon & Sea Salt and Cherry Basil stood out to me in particular), so I might give in and splurge a bit to try them out. Also, the lollipops that they have available all seem to be in diamond or heart shapes, whereas the samples I received were circular.

Getting the lollipop out of the wrapper was not the easiest thing in the world. I tried to do it delicately, but it stuck enough that I considered getting some scissors and cutting through the wrapper. In the end, I prevailed, though my hands were left a little sticky. I'm going to attribute this to the less-than-climate-controlled mail room my apartment building has. Such are the risks when you buy food online.

The color of the lollipop was hard to capture in a picture. It's a very pale, translucent green. The picture available on their website is fairly accurate, I would say.

As for the taste... well, it's more honey than apple, for sure. Definitely skip this if you're not a honey fan. However, the apple provides just enough tartness to make this a unique flavor experience. If you love honey (or sweet things) then you should definitely try this out!

Later today I'll be posting a review of some tea that I also received in my Bonjour Jolie box, so keep an eye out for that. If you have any ideas about products I should review, drop me an email at or leave a comment!

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