Friday, August 16, 2013

Wicked Good Cupcakes - Summ-ah Strawberry

Welcome to the first post of Internet Epicurean. Put simply, I intend for this blog to take the mystery out of buying food online. The internet is an amazing resource for certain kinds of food (primarily baked goods and candy), but it's hard to know exactly what you're getting when you buy online, and there's often a bit more of an investment involved (shipping costs, etc). On this blog, I will feature a variety of foods that are primarily available online. The places I feature might have brick and mortar stores, but probably not particularly widespread ones.

Now, onto the first review. Today I will be reviewing Wicked Good Cupcakes Summ-ah Strawberry flavor. Wicked Good Cupcakes is a cupcake store based on Massachusetts. Currently they only have one brick and mortar store, though their website states that they're opening another one soon. Their online store features cupcakes and brownies in jars. I ordered two flavors (stay tuned for my review of their Sea Salted Caramel flavor). I ordered them on August 8th and they arrived about a week later. The total cost was 29.12 for two cupcakes. Shipping to CA cost $15.22, but it might be cheaper closer to the East Coast.

The first thing I noticed was how adorably they were packaged. They even came with plastic spoons! Interestingly, the package wasn't nearly as heavy as I expected it to be, though I suppose that makes sense. Cupcakes aren't very heavy after all.

Getting the cupcake jar out of the Styrofoam was actually a bit of a struggle, though I eventually prevailed. I have to admit, the cupcake doesn't look the prettiest in the jar. The label obscures the view of the layers. However, the bright pink color of the strawberry cupcake did match the label nicely.

Opening the jar was easy (a silly detail, but kind of important for a weakling like me!), but the frosting on top of the cupcake managed to stick to the lid of the jar, leaving me with a decent amount of cupcake on the lid. I'm going to guess this wasn't the intended outcome. However, it did give me a great way to get a picture of the cake texture (see below).

Now, onto the flavor. The Summ-ah Strawberry jar contains strawberry and vanilla cake, vanilla butter cream and (apparently) hot pink nonpareils. However, I didn't see much sign of the nonpareils. It had been a little hot here lately, so it's actually possible they were delicate enough to melt. 

The cake was pretty delicious. It doesn't have a particularly strong (or realistic) strawberry flavor, but it definitely tasted summery. The vanilla butter cream made a great addition to the mix. The cake wasn't the most moist cake I've ever had (I'm going to guess partially as a function of being shipped across the country) but there was enough butter cream to add a little extra moisture to every bite. There are multiple layers, so you never find yourself lacking on frosting. According to the website, each jar contains roughly the equivalent of two cupcakes. I would definitely believe that, because I was feeling a bit full about halfway through the jar.

A side note: Jars are actually great ways to eat cupcakes. I've attempted to tackle large cupcakes with a fork or spoon before, and just ended up getting crumbs everywhere. With a jar, the crumbs all end up back in the jar, saving every bit of deliciousness.

Overall, I would say these would make a great gift, either for a birthday or even just something to cheer up someone who's been having a less-than-great time lately. If you're a lover of cupcakes, I would even say they're worth trying just for fun. One of the other benefits of the jar is that the cupcakes can last up to 10 days without refrigeration, so they're actually worth having around the house if you have a bit of a sweet tooth.

I hope you enjoyed my post! Tomorrow I'll be talking about the Apples & Honey lollipop from Leccare Lollipops.

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