Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sugarfina - Champagne Bears

I should just start by saying that Sugarfina is full of wonders. Champagne Bears are just the start. They also have Cuba Libre Rum & Coke Gummies, Belgian Ale Gummies, and Single Malt Scotch Cordials. Not to mention their non-alcoholic selections! I ordered a couple of things from them, but I'm going to have to order more, I think.

First, shipping and packaging information. The gummies themselves were $6 for 3.5oz (other sizes were available), and the shipping was $14.95. It was so expensive because they had limited shipping options available. Apparently, this is because they are afraid of how the candy holds up in warmer weather (fair enough). However, I'm going to wait to order again until the shipping limitations are over. As much as I love my candy, I don't need it within 2-3 days.

As for the packaging, it's lovely-a simple blue and white design. I would actually be comfortable giving these away as favors for a get-together without any changes, which I think is a cool bonus-feature.

The gummies themselves are a mix of pink and clear. They're the size of every other gummy bear you've ever eaten. However, they taste a bit more grown up. The website implies that there are actually two flavors, Brut (the white) and Rosè (the pink). I have to admit, I didn't notice the distinction until I reread the website, and I'm not entirely sure if I can taste it now or if it's just placebo. To me, the pink gummies taste a little stronger. They're fruity with a tiny bit of a bite, and actually remind me of sparkling cider. The white gummies seem like a milder version of the pink-still a light fruity taste with none of the bite.

Overall, these are absolutely delicious. If you have a reason to celebrate (or you just feel like treating yourself), you absolutely must check these out!

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